New Home Construction

Building a new home can be an overwhelming process. Simply being able to visualize any structure on what would be nothing more than an overgrown plot of land can be a roadblock before the ground is even broken. At AV Builders Group one of our fundamental objectives is the highest standard of efficiency humanly possible, not only in our new home construction process but also to ensure the best chance of a thorough and transparent customization process for you the owner. Please choose the appropriate path below and we’ll guide you through the journey of constructing your new, ultra-efficient, custom, luxury, dream home.

Home & Room Additions 

One of the most common reasons people remodel or move to new homes is not having enough space. Not enough space for children, entertainment, space for home businesses and more.  Adding new rooms to your home solves the space crisis for your family. You’ll have plenty of room for a new project, man cave, craft room, or whatever type of activity you desire. One of the most popular room additions California residents have been requesting is Accessory Dwelling Units.  Our team will help you no matter what your room addition needs are! Learn more about how much room and home additions cost.

Residential Remodeling 

Our Renovation and Remodeling services include: kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions and more. With competition for housing in the Northern California area many residents are choosing to invest in remodeling the homes they already own instead of buying or building new. Our home remodeling services will refresh your entire home!  From the bathrooms to the kitchen and everything in between a home remodel makes the old feel new and fresh.  We provide custom home remodeling services that will incorporate the latest cutting edge home features along with unmistakable refinement and affluence.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling the bathroom is one of the most popular home remodeling projects that helps make your house a home. We start our days in our bathrooms and need to feel invigorated and confident. Bathrooms which are in new condition help underline our feeling of confidence and prepare us to take on our day!  In addition bathrooms and bathtubs are many times the last stop before bed after a hard days work.  Remodeling your bathroom will help you enjoy your home more.  Read more about our bathroom remodeling contractor services.

Kitchen Remodeling

Investing in your kitchen through remodeling is another incredibly popular project. The kitchen is fast becoming a gathering place for families as they cook, eat, and spend time together. The time you spend in the kitchen is more enjoyable when there’s good organization, plenty of room to move around, enough counter space, and proper ventilation. Depending on your goals for remodeling your kitchen this might involve increasing the size of the kitchen, moving walls, rerouting plumbing and electricity. We will help you get the kitchen of your dreams!

Accessory Dwelling Units

The accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a popular and affordable housing choice that adds livable space to your property. It’s becoming an increasingly common option as cities across the nation become more expensive, populated, and urbanized. They allow for increased room, without the price-tag of purchasing a brand new home. ADUs come in a plethora of options, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. Legally, ADUs are secondary houses or apartment spaces that share the property lot of a larger, primary house. Some common names for ADUs include: secondary dwelling unit, or in-law units. ADUs can be attached to a house, garage, or built as a separate unit (typically in a backyard). The idea of an ADU is not new, but in recent years, due to new zoning and planning laws, there has been an increasing demand for the extra livable space.



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